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The purpose of this blog is to provide information about various dental procedures and products.

My name is Dr. Trischa Tuesta. I practice dentistry with my husband, Dr. Enrique Tuesta. We met in dental school at Southern Illinois University – School of Dental Medicine. After completing a residency and a fellowship, we moved to California. Eventually, we purchased our dental office, Artise Dental, in Monterey, CA in 2011. Each year we adore it more.

It may seem odd to think that someone loves dentistry, but it is true. I cannot think of another career that I would rather be doing. I enjoy all aspects of dentistry, from the procedures to the patients. I am able to work with an amazing team and provide quality care for my community. There are many interesting facets of dentistry and I cannot wait to write about them.

Dentistry has changed so much over the years. With time, I hope that the stigma that accompanies “going to the dentist” will change as well. Shifting “going to the dentist” to a positive and anticipated experience is one of my goals. 

There are several procedures that I am going to write about as well as different dental products. There are so many dental products on the market and people often ask for my recommendations.  Please know that all of the dental products that I recommend I have tried and I use myself.  

Personally, I like spending time outdoors with my family in this lovely area. I especially enjoy running and playing at the beach.  Monterey, CA is really a thing of beauty. I grew up in IL, which is land locked, so being able to go to the ocean anytime is pretty awesome.

I hope you enjoy reading!


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